香絲焦檀 棋茶盤


Acacia Confusa Chessboard with Tea Table


  • 品牌系列 : NT 12000
  • 型號 : ACCB
  • 尺寸 : L 100*W 40*H 3+3 cm(盤厚+底腳)
Categories: / 禮贈品 / 棋藝&品茗.


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斟上一杯無名茶, 茶香蔓延,悠然聞香~



Enjoying Chess Contest and Tea Sipping


"Acacia Confusa Chessboard with Tea Table" is made of the thermo-modification wood Acacia Confusa, which in Chinese implies the meaning of lovesickness, and the material is used to tell local stories. Overcoming the material's zigzagging interlocked grain and easily deformed texture, the design intentionally keeps nature of sapwood and forms an image of river, which serves as the border of two Chinese chess players. A series of works has been developed to present the most vivid aspect of living in Taiwan, namely tea sipping and chess playing. They also vividly embody artistic and humanistic aesthetics of local lifestyle.


Taiwanese Story Narrated by Local Material


Acacia Confusa is a local ecinimical tree. It is scattered in both plain and hilly area. In the earlier days, people coule see this treee around their daily environment. Old folks will enjoy the coolness under this kind of tree. Beside the tree, children would gather and play. The tree has the connotation of passing on lovesicknessof two lovers, which is also a reflection of local culture. The tree has such characteristics as rather small tree diameter and rather nessy texture. It is also dry and crispy and dasily breakable. All these traits make processing difficult. With the application of special "thermo-modification" technology, the characteristics of the material to inccrease its value and usability.


Our Promise


All of our wood raw material are treated by thermo-mocification technilogy, which could improve stability of wood dimension and insect resistance. 
All of our wooden products are covered by all natural wax polish, which contains NO chemical preservatives. Besides frequent dusting, we recommend you re-wax your products at least once a year.


Our Team

Design: 「禮設計」團隊擅長於將文化轉化為商品。「香絲焦檀.棋茶盤」作品係將臺灣在地相思木與國人品茗文化相結合,增加商品之故事性,體現台灣人品茗文化精神。

Technology: 「昆儀」專營木材熱改性(thermo-modification)、木材化學防腐及耐燃處理之加工廠。透過木材熱改性專利技術後,可提高木材尺寸安定性(dimensional stability ),防蟲耐腐性(durability against decay ),使其紋理美觀,強化木料的再造性及創作性。

Design: "Li-Design" team is good at design commercial items based on cultural traits. "Acacia Confusa Chessboard with Tea Table" has integrated local characteristics and culture.

Technology: Kunn Yih Wood is factory engaged in wood thermo-modification, chemical preservation of wood, and fire resistance treatment. With the application of special "thermo-modification" technology, the stability of wood dimension and insect resistance can be inccreased. 


榮獲  2015臺灣OTOP產品設計獎   (2015 Taiwan OTOP Product Design Awards)
榮獲  2015臺灣工藝競賽獎
榮獲  飲泡茶盤結構之改良專利



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